Our Stories

Our LN-4 Ambassadors and partner organizations work hard to provide as many recipients as possible with an LN-4 hand. While this is only a small glimpse into the diversity of programs and fittings that occur, we wanted to share some of the stories we have been able to film.


Aloha Medical Mission - Bacalod, philiPpines

In February 2011, 41 volunteers from our partner organization Aloha Medical Mission went to Bacolod, Philippines to provide medical and dental care for hundreds of patients. During this time, they held a fitting event, where they ended up fitting more than 30 LN-4 hands.


CHPAA - Battambang, Cambodia

Dr. Teri Tan and the Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America (CHPAA) traveled to a small village in the Battambang province of Cambodia to implement the LN-4 program there as well as train local Cambodian health students how to fit the LN-4 hand so the work could continue after the team left.


Odyssey teams -southern india

Shivkumar is a boy from Southern India who lost his hand while flying his kite. Through the Helping Hands and Build-a-Hand program by Odyssey Teams, Inc. he is fitted with an LN-4 prosthetic hand and begins to write for the first time in six months.

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