About Us


Our Mission

A prosthetic hand is an invaluable asset to an individual without an upper limb.

An upper limb prostheses can determine whether or not an individual is able to obtain or keep employment, contribute to household duties, or provide an increased sense of independence. The LN-4 hand can help restore functionality in humans who suffer from diseases requiring amputation or from limbs lost in accidents or traumatic incidents.

We want everyone who requires a prosthetic hand to have one, regardless of their socioeconomic status or ability to pay. We manufacture a durable yet rudimentary prosthetic hand with no electric parts, and with the help of our partners, we distribute it across the globe.

We recognize that increased mobility and access are vital to people with disabilities, and as such, we partner with organizations and individuals in developing countries who have less access to prosthetic limbs.


"Our lives were changed the moment that we sat down with the recipients. We saw their faces transform, as they slowly realized that they were going to be able to pick up a pencil with a limb they never thought they’d use again.”

— Bob Jones, LN-4 Ambassador


Our History

When industrial designer Ernie Meadows and his wife, Marj, lost their daughter, Ellen, Ernie decided to create a legacy to their daughter's memory. Ellen died in an automobile accident when she was 18 years old.

Originally Ernie intended to design a functional prosthetic hand for children and adolescent land mine victims. Over time he developed a design for a low-cost, light, durable, functional  prosthetic hand. He knew that this would help all who need a prosthetic hand and who could not afford the available alternatives.  

Our experience today informs us that those who benefit from the LN-4 hand may have been injured by landmines, work accidents, electricity, acts of violence, or have suffered a congenital condition. 

In 2006, Ernie gave this prosthetic hand to Rotarian friends, specifically to the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation, specifying that no one profit from the production or distribution and that no recipient be charged.

During 2007, our efforts were devoted largely to the development of our manufacturing capability; a few hundred prototype LN-4 hands were built and distributed before 2007. The Rotary Clubs of RI District 5160, in northern California, were instrumental in providing the funding support and the Rotarian time and effort to make this our improved manufacturing possible.

Since the start of 2008, we have produced and assembled over 40,000 LN-4 hands. We have expanded our operations, creating sustainable and diverse partnerships. We work with individuals and organizations, including Rotary clubs, medical clinics, and other friends in many places to organize fitting events for large numbers of people. LN-4 Ambassadors have carried LN-4 hands to the almost every corner of the globe, spanning 80 countries, including Colombia, Ecuador, Vietnam, India, Jordan, Uganda, Tanzania, and more.