Our Work

Our hand can be the difference between someone having access to gainful employment or not. It can provide an increased sense of independence. The LN-4 hand can help restore functionality in humans who suffer from diseases requiring amputation or from limbs lost in accidents or traumatic incidents.

Because these devices can cost thousands of dollars, we have spent the last 10 years perfecting a rudimentary prosthetic hand that contains fewer parts than the average hand, involves less assembly by the recipient, and here’s the best part…

It is always free of charge to the recipient.

We work with manufacturing partners who provide us supplies at a reduced cost. A network of corporate partners, organized by Odyssey Teams, pays for the manufacturing costs, assembles them, and quality checks each of the hands before donating them back to the foundation, which allows us to concentrate solely on distribution. Our distribution partner also provides us services at reduced cost, which allows us to ship a larger amount of hands.

We have 3 methods we use to distribute hands globally:


Fitting Events

Our LN-4 Ambassadors communicate with local partners in a specific country to determine need and appropriate timing for the fitting event. They then raise funds while recruiting for recipients in surrounding areas. The Ambassadors communicate with the LN-4 Hand Project in order to determine the number of hands we will ship and where we will ship them. The team will then travel to the destination in question and work with local partners to fit hands and train recipients for an entire day.

Learn how to become an Ambassador by clicking below.


Individual Outreach

We respond to individual requests for hands as they come in. We ensure that no one is left wanting. If the recipient does not qualify for an LN-4 hand due to their physical requirements, we try to refer them elsewhere.

Do you know someone who needs a hand? Get in touch.

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Sustainable Partnerships

We recognize that the people on the ground know their communities best. We partner with hospitals, medical clinics, non-profit organizations, and community leaders in order to ensure that these places have access to LN-4 hands. After a conversation and efficient vetting process, we give them a supply of LN-4 hands, and train them on how to fit amputees. When they identify someone in need, they will be able to immediately act because they already have the hands in their possession and then report back to us.


We have fit hands in over 80 countries.

Help us fit even more.