Become a Partner Organization

Are you a local medical clinic, hospital, non-profit organization, or community leader in a developing country? We want to partner with you to distribute our hands in a sustainable way, free of charge.

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As a volunteer-run organization, we depend on partner organizations who have existing infrastructure in countries with the most need.


We recognize that the people on the ground know their communities best. We partner with hospitals, medical clinics, non-profit organizations, and community leaders in order to ensure that places with less available resources have access to LN-4 hands.

After a conversation and efficient vetting process, we will be happy to ship you an introductory box of hands. During this time, we will train you on how to fit the LN-4 hands onto amputees and how to assist recipients in learning how to use the hands.

While we cannot contribute financially to the process of distribution on your end, we assemble and ship the prosthetic hands to you for free.

If this probationary period goes well, we will continue to ship LN-4 hands while you distribute them and share results with us.


If you are interested in becoming a partner organization, please contact us using the form below

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